A Dancing Portrait Of Oregon

I am proud to announce our latest project: A Dancing Portrait Of Oregon!  We believe this project will help spread dance awareness and showcase amazing indoor and outdoor wonders of Oregon. The way we will do this is by traveling all over Oregon with dancers who specialize in different genres and photograph them doing what they love to do. The goal is to publish all the amazing images into a beautiful art book. Interested?

Why Oregon?

Oregon is often regarded as having one of the most diverse climates, landscapes, and ecosystems. Where else can you find old growth rain forests, snowy peaks, coast lines, and dry deserts within one state? Although the locations will primarily highlight natural Oregon beauty, some indoor location will be used. The only real limitation is that all of the photographs will be captured within Oregon.

Why Dance?

I believe dance is an amazing story telling art form. While most of us struggle to copy moves from the latest popular music video craze, there are some who make dance their life long passion and it shows! These dancers bring their art form to fantastic levels to which most of us have never seen before. There are so many different types of dance out there that it is hard to represent the world of dance as a whole with just a handful of photos. I hope to bring a wide variety of these styles to this project. Here are just a few of the styles I am currently planning: Ballet, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Burlesque, Yoga, Swing, Salsa, Contemporary, Modern, Acro, Circus Arts, Balinese, African Dance, and so many more. The list is growing and we will do our best to get as many styles in there as we can.

What is the current state of the project?

We have just begun! The proof of concept phase is over and will be seeking crowd funding investors soon. After the project is funded we will be doing many more photoshoots all over Oregon. Want to get involved? Contact us!